Borgward BX7 Review

After a 54-year absence from the motor vehicle industry, Borgward marked its return with a solid mid-sized SUV, the BX7. Before its entry into obscurity back in 1961, the German brand had no experience in the SUV segment; but it has however chosen to mark its comeback with a well designed and built model that is aimed at recapturing the minds and hearts of German, European and global car buyers.

The Borgward BX7 marks a fresh start for the German brand that has been resurrected by funding from Chinese truck manufacturer Foton. The SUV faced stiff competition from similar models marketed by much more established automakers such as Audi, Mercedes Benz, BMW, Kia, Nissan and Hyundai given its design and feature offering.

As you read on below, you will to find out more about the SUV that is supposed to chart the way forward when it came to the Chinese automaker’s entry into the European market, with the Borgward BX7.

Borgward BX7

Described below is a list of what to expect of this design;

The Exterior

The BX7 was looking to conquer one of the most competitive categories in the motor vehicle industry; and as the first production car of the brand in more than half a century, the designers chose to go with what is generally accepted.

The car seems to have borrowed a few design elements from the existing mid-sized SUV line up. At the front, the car sports deep creases on the hood leading up to a massive waterfall grille and huge fog lamp surrounds. The body was fully designed with aerodynamics lay out to cut through the air as it speeds through the tracks. At the back, a chunky bumper is seen but the underlining spreads out to a wide pair of exhaust pipes.

The rims are made of aluminum sports rims and specifically designed to keep water and dirt off as it moves through the roads to keep the weight low and to minimize the drag.

As you can see, the BX7 is attractive and well designed, but in a way that follows the established norm.

The Interior

For the interior, the Borgard BX7 gave off a premium vibe in its airy and spacious cabin layout. This alone is a feature a family of 4 or 5 people can look forward to, to travel as a family. The car comes with highly supportive and comfortable leather wrapped seats, with aluminum trimmings, and soft-touch plastic surfaces. Both the driver and passengers get to enjoy lots of space as well.

The seats are all well designed to give comfort and satisfactory. The BX7 does feature something that is rarely seen in many other vehicles in its category, customers get to choose between a five and seven-seat configuration, this was rare in those days and was a pull factor for some.

It’s clear at this point to see that the BX7 is aiming to compete with the premium models in its category, even at this early juncture.


Rain sensing wipers, automatic anti-glare rear-view mirror, cornering headlights, dual-zone automatic air conditioning, and power with 8-way and 4-way lumbar support adjustable seats, the designers behind the BX7 have done everything they can to ensure that this vehicle has what it takes to compete with the best in its class.

Engine and Transmission

The BX7 is equipped with a powerful engine that is fully capable of hauling not only the vehicle and its occupants easily without the need to even force it around. Under the hood, the vehicle sports a 2.0 liter, 221 horsepower, and 300Nm engine. This engine is capable of delivering a maximum power amount of torque from as low as 1750 revs, this is rare by itself.

This engine is mated with a six-speed automatic transmission that distributes the power throughout its all-wheel-drive system seamlessly. Reducing drag and giving maximum power for minimal fuel consumption.

In Conclusion

Very few people know what the Borgward brand is all about but build from outside of Germany. However, the brand seems to have done as much as possible to ensure that their new SUV turns heads and generates interest in the brand in the most competitive category in the automotive market.

Even though the vehicle is built in China, it was designed in Frankfurt as a means of drawing on its German roots and quality of design; something that must be captured in its design, safety and performance elements.

With this unique design, any car buyers in their minds will be glad to note that the BX7 will be sold at a significantly lower price compared to its closest rivals given the fact that it is a lesser known brand, offering much more in terms of better value.  Drive with care is my best advice.

Here is a video on Borgward BX7